All Here!!

Hi everyone!!

It’s been a long day of airport pick ups but we finally have everyone here at Bayon Shadow. Waves of jet-lagged (yet surprisingly energetic) volunteers came morning, noon, and night so I tried to get photos of as many groups as possible! For those that got in early, it’s been a relaxing day at the pool and exploring the markets. Others just arrived about thirty minutes ago. All are happily sleeping now and hopefully ready for an early morning orientation breakfast then off to the schools!



Volunteers shown above: Maci, Jessica, Madelaine, Nick, Ilana, Ike, Gabrielle, Shannon, Caitlyn, and Erin.




Volunteer above: Josh with ROV Team Leader Stew.



Volunteers shown above (in no particular order): Ashlynn, Kristin, Marianne, Courtney, Samantha, Sarah, Femke, Kendra, Emily, Alexandria, Lindsay, Justine, Rachel, Laura, and Bailey.