Almost done

Hello everyone,

This is the last second day for a toilet project in a village for a poor family. Even this is a small group in this time but we did lots of done. Five volunteers to finish a toilet in four days which is very awesome.

Today we have done lots of thing. In the morning, we had two different groups. One group make a bamboo wall frame for wall leave and other make a wall frame in a toilet. We did an awesome jobs. In the afternoon after we came back from lunch we finished a bamboo wall frame and put palm leave and put it up to the wall. And other people finished frame in a toilet nail flat woods to a wall and put other Palm leave to other side of a toilet. By the end of the we almost complet with putting Palm leave to wall sides.

After the school we headed back to hotel had some free time until dinner then we went for shopping and got some massage.

We are so exited to finish our project tomorrow. Goodnight!!

Early morning

Making bamboo wall frame

Making a wall frame for a toilet

By the end of morning

Selfie team

Putting a wall

One side done

Front side done

By the end of the day