Amazing House Builders

Today is third day for us at the village to build the house for one of family which has four children and the father has passed away and left his wife and four sons at home. This family is working hard to save the money to build a house for their family in the future but unfortunately the father passed away and he hasn’t completed his goal for his family. But now Reach Volunteers with SHCC Staffs and Students come to complete his dreams very soon.


Tuk Tuk Pushing !!
It was a great day and hard work to build the house today because we work from 8 am to 11 am and from 1 to 3: 30 pam today. In the morning we divided into two groups Lower Group “Sanding and Painting and High Group ” Nailing and lift the wood up to the house”. In two days we thought that we did small things but after we combined what we have done for days we saw the big thing and a lot of improvement of this building. We raised the body of this house up and nailing the wood and now we almost see the house feature.


The first group left for us.







what we have done today!



Break time with Sticky Rice Cakes..



Painting and Sanding Group!
We worked so hard in the morning and afternoon but we never thought that we are tired to build this beautiful house for this family. After of hard working we learned how to build the house by Khmer Culture and had a blessing from the Buddhist Priest and we got one blessing bracelet and also the holly want from him.




Blessing and Cambodian Customs !!

The hard day was finished with stormy that make us supper wet and cold back to the hotel. However we had a big day to build the house but we had time to relax almost one and half hours at the hotel and then we went to have dinner at city and then it is time for us to explore the market and learnt the way back home. I would like to say thank you for all of these guys who were working hard today. Good Night and have a sweet dream.



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