An amazing day!

It was an amazing day and sad day today. After we been working for a long days with very hard works and works that we never have done before, finally we did it. It was a long day today to finish from the project side because we need to finish all every thing at the building. Everyone tried so hard with nailing, roofing, and sawing to finish their works. The finally we done the building that we have been doing so far. All of them so happy to see what they have so far.

This was a great experiences in here to do what we never done in our life. It was so hard to build but we were so happy to help all people here. After we finished at the building we went to the school to play a football and bubbles and we had a fried noodle and fruits at school it was a sad time to say goodbye to students and teachers at school. We never forget all of you here. You guys so amazing.

It is really to say good bye to everyone at school. We don’t want to leave from school. Hopefully we will come back again to see our building and all of you again.

Bye Bye!!DSC02599 DSC02603 DSC02597 DSC02609 DSC02607 DSC02615 DSC02616 DSC02618 DSC02626

The last group photo with all love students and people here

The last group photo with all love students and people here

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