An awesome day!

Hi all my lovely blog readers,
It was an awesome and tiring day today. It was temples tour. We got up very early in the morning for a beautiful sunrise at the Angkor Wat temple and we had a great tour guy who told us all about the story of the Angkor Wat temple. It was so beautiful photos from the top of the temple. It was so amazing construction at the temple. Every level of the walls are showing about different story of the Khmer situation. DSC00370


After the Angkor Wat temple we went to see the Bayon Temple (Angkor Thom). It’s getting hot to this temple. This temple has lots of different faces and different smiling every tower. Those are shown to different human faces that always different faces and smiling. We got as such a great adventure to this temple. DSC00409


The third temple called Ta Prom Temple which is have lots big trees on the temple. It’s getting hotter and hotter now. It is an amazing temple. We had a great day with exploring to see the famous temples in Cambodia. It’s unbelievable about an architect of those temples. When we’ve done with the temples we getting to a bus and back for lunch in town. DSC00424
It was a free time in afternoon. Some of them getting a nap, went for to the swimming pool and some went for shopping. In the evening we went to a carnival which is above 15minutes to 20 minutes from our hotel. There are so much fun there. There are lots of activities there. Some of us went on to a pumper-car, shorting game, breaking balloons and others. After that we went back to town for dinner. It was a very tired day but we really enjoy with that. DSC00435



Please wait for tomorrow blog! Time to say GOOD NIGHT!