And the Fun has Begun!

It can only go up from here! Everything has been great so far, unfortunately one of our volunteers has lost her luggage (the airline lost her luggage) but hopefully they can retrieve it. Everyone seemed to have super late flights last night and each and every one of them was delayed even further. 7 of these wonderful people rolled off the plane, mostly from North America, so very tired, jet-lagged and in need of much sleep! SO! They got exactly that (well most of them, aside from the few who pulled all-nighters. Brave souls). But, everyone was so amazing this morning! You’d never say they had a rough go at it last night, we got up had breakfast and boarded our TukTuk’s to the village to start building a home for a family. Originally we were only meant to refurbish the home, but it was a last minute decision that Reach Out would just build an entirely new one in its place instead.


The group powered through sanding piles of wood and by the end of the day, we actually had the posts of the house up and ready for the flooring to be started in the morning tomorrow! How exciting is that?! These guys waste no time whatsoever. They somehow manage to play with kids, get to know each other and efficiently complete the building projects and make it look easy and fun! After we arrived back at the hotel, everyone had some free time to swim and shower, shop around a bit if they wish and then head off to dinner (supper as I call it, but everyone tells me it’s dinner… same same). After dinner (happy!?) we all went for some gelato and then to the art market to do a bit of night shopping and practice some bargaining with the local sales people! And you guessed it, they all nailed it and bargained everything for amazing prices!


That about sums up the day! Many of them were a bit sleepy tonight, rightly so, after their adventure to even get here was draining enough. If you are following this blog (which everyone and their dog should) feel free to comment below, say hi to your friends, family, sisters, brothers and children on the program! They’re all enjoying what they’ve seen of Cambodia so far, and I can’t wait to show them more!


DSC04560 DSC04561

Here we are, learning about Cambodian cultural norms when it comes to building a house. Burning incense, a cooked chicken and an offering for the Gods to bless the home that’s being built.DSC04569

They’re all pure muscle, lifting these beams is not an easy taskDSC04573

We started with nothing and finished the day like this! Not bad huh?!DSC04577

Chicken dance with the kids at the school! I’m in!