Angkor Wat and Final Village Day!

Thursday was our bright and early Angkor Wat sunrise! This is where the group got to explore some of the most amazing temples in the world! One of the 7 man-made wonders of the world. These temples are massive, there are hundreds of them and almost no barriers so you can explore them in their raw states. We got to visit the 3 main temples, Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider temple). This took up a good portion of our day. Having been awake since 430am. The group then got some free time until dinner and then we went to the Ladyboy show! This is always a fun experience. It’s open to the public and you can receive a foot massage while watching the show. This helps support the LGBT community in Cambodia.

Friday was our last day at the school we’ve been working at. The group completed the wall for the computer lab, finished painting and even got the information board up. We also managed to finish off the roof that was unable to be completed from the last group over the new kitchen at the school. This group has been making so much progress and works so efficiently. Once we were all done the construction we then took a walk into the village to visit the home we had helped cement the floor of on Wednesday. It was so nice to see the progress that had been made and the floor that the family now had. We also noticed there was a little puppy that looked very ill and as if it hadn’t eaten in quite some time. Everyone wanted to take the puppy with us so we could nurse it back to health. I’m no stranger for having stray puppies living in my hotel room, so I called the Elephant Sanctuary that we will be going to on Sunday to see if they would allow us to bring a new puppy. They gladly accepted, and sure enough, we now have a puppy living in the hotel with us! This is the third puppy that has been rescued from my groups of volunteers, and I of course have no issues with dogs filling up in my room!

Tomorrow is a free day and many of the volunteers have chosen to go to the Kulen Mountain waterfall! A must see in Cambodia! Check back for tomorrow’s post to see the pictures. Wifi has been a bit dodgy at the hotel so it’s been easiest to post every second day. I’ll do my best to get Saturday’s post up Saturday night before we leave for the Elephants!



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