Angkor Watttt?!

Today was Angkor Wat day! A whole fun packed day full of exploring all the beautiful temples outside of Siem Reap. Our awesome tour guide took us to four main temples where we learned a lot of history about how the temples were built and why and the symbols/religious beliefs of all of them. We visited three in the morning before lunch and then took the afternoon to see the main Angkor Wat Temple in all of its glory. During lunch, there were monkeys running around the moat and wall we were sitting on. Even though we tried to keep the food away from them, those cheeky monkeys found some way to grab mangos from us. It was actually pretty funny because it became a game of hiding the food from them and them trying to snatch it when we weren’t looking. Other than that, the history we learned with the temples was really interesting and everyone seemed to really enjoy the day. We all got blessed by the Cambodian monk in the temple too! He tied a bracelet on our wrists while saying a Buddhist prayer of good fortune and the bracelet is supposed to grant a wish when it falls off our wrists. It’s a cool tradition. To top it all off, we even had a sing along in the bus to and from the temples. They really should’ve known not to give me the microphone. Either way, Angkor Wat definitely treated us well today.

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