Angkor What!??!!?!?

An incredible day jam packed full of activities and history! We got up before dawn to make it to Angkor Wat before sunrise. It was very busy there as many people came out to see the spectacular view.

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After we took a sufficient amount of selfies and photos with a cute kitten we found, we settled in at a restaurant right in front of the temple. It sure was a great view to have while chowing down on fruit pancakes and iced coffees!



Our tour guide explained to us the expansive history and restoration of Angkor Wat. We then made our way to Bayon Temple which has the four faced Buddha sculptures. After that it was on to the last temple, which just so happened to be the location for the movie Tomb Raider – Ta Prohm. This temple was absolutely gorgeous because it had trees growing all throughout the sculptures and pagodas. We ended our tour around noon, spending a total of 7 hours in the sun and heat! Needless to say, we were pretty pooped by the end of it haha. We made our way back into town, ate lunch and then returned to the hotel where almost everyone took a much needed nap.

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Later in the evening, we boarded a couple Tuk Tuks and visited a local carnival just outside the city. This carnival is unique because hardly any tourists know about it! It is the local Khmer people who run it and visit it. Once we arrived, we immediately found a set of adorable puppies, so naturally, we all got photos and gave them a good cuddle. Later we played a few rounds each of balloon darts and shooting caps at bean bags. Alex and Kaio were probably the best shooters. They won a few rounds each and received prizes for their wins. I on the other hand had a chance to prove how awful my aim is when it comes to darts. I hit a beer can and it spewed everywhere! The volunteers and the locals got a good laugh at my expense. I guess I’ll have to work on my dart aim hahaha. We also rode a few of the rides before we left! The mini roller coaster and bumper cars are my favourites!

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We’re all still pretty groggy from the long and full day. It’s only about 9:00 PM, but we have all turned in for the night. Thanks for the comments! I’ll be reading them aloud to everyone tomorrow morning at breakfast. Keep them coming!


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