Village people: first impressions

Hwllo! This evening’s blog post is brought to you live from Siem Reap, Cambodia from guest writer Tash (smasha). Apparently our team leader was busy dressing himself up as a ladyboy and performing in the exclusive Angkor night market show.


Interesting firms of entertainment like this are of no short supply here in Siem Reap, in fact I am currently typing this along to the soundtrack of a rather large Cambodian family singing karaoke at a birthday party next door. Charming.

.  While we do enjoy a casual stroll down Pub Street, the city’s nightclub and pub district, the days of our trip are definitely where the magic really happens.


There’s some so surreal about bouncing along in a Tuk Tuk down a sandy, bumpy and questionable road with hundreds of young smiling faces waving at you as you ride past. Every morning we travel to the village about 20 minutes outside of Siem Reap and are greeted by cows, roosters, and of course, the students of BFOK, the local school we’re volunteering at.


Being a relatively new school, it’s tough to see just how much work really needs to be done and wonder how we can possibly help at all. However, one day with the kids can turn this thought right around. They bring and incredible energy and vibrancy to the school like nothing our Western eyes have seen back home. Whether they’re getting their hands dirty and helping us saw and sand the wood for the desks we’re building, or just running around barefoot during one of the many games of duck duck goose, there’s no denying that one look on these kids’ faces can change your perspective for good.




   Spending our days in a village where the children mostly come from poor backgrounds and our nights in a vibrant city really gives us the beat of two culture shocks in one. It’s already clear to see just how much difference Reach Out has already made in a school which just two months ago didn’t even have teaching resources. It’s humbling to see our small contribution to the community and how much it can really make a difference -even if it is just us letting them win at soccer 😉