Another Day of Hard Work


Hello everyone and “awesome ROV team”, event we woke up, had breakfast, took tuk tuk and worked in the same community but we had different time, breakfast and activities at our work sites.
We arrived the Community by our daily tuk tuk, and then one group of us transferred to great trailer which drove by the local volunteer at SHCC “Mr. Tree” follow some of awesome local guys to the work sites. and the other stay at the school to teach English, Playing sport, Dancing, painting..




 School Group!!!




Construction Group!!

That was too much hot at the work sites and at the community today. Most of us drank a lot of water and eat lot of banana.  Event we were a bit tired of our great work but we still played the basketball with our great local guys who worked with us in the whole day.
We feel a bit tired and sleepy now, so we need to go to bed early because we will have much walking at the temple tomorrow. We would like to say Good bye (Rear Trei Sua Sdei) to everyone. See you tomorrow! “Same same but Different”.




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