Hey Guys, team leader E Dawg here! I’m super pumped to start this new program with everyone 🙂

Today was great, everyone landed in Siem Reap and went straight to the hotel for some chill time by the pool after their long flights. Lunch was deeeeeeelicious, we ate at a local family owned restaurant and tried some tasty Cambodian cuisine.

After lunch everyone had some more time to relax and rejuvenate before the big day on the project site tomorrow!

We all met up downstairs before dinner for a quick orientation and some tips for using the Cambodian toilets. Everyone then got put into teams for “Elaura’s EXTREME scavenger hunt.” Teams were given a map and sent down the main road in in Siem Reap to find landmarks such as clocks, restaurants and statues. It was a blast!

We just finished dinner at another delicious restaurant, and everyone is off to bed before a big day on the project site tomorrow!