Arrival Day for Village immersion

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Sua Sdei ( Hello)

Welcome to Cambodia all of beautiful heart people. I was very excited to pick you up at the airport today, event some of you have different flight and late flight or early but now all of you are safe and I call all of you name now.

After a long flight from different part of the world to Cambodia in order to do the volunteers work with ROV in Cambodia and want to see something different and the change something in Cambodia. You guys must be a bit tired and want to relax in the hotel or pool, but according our busy program and lot of activities. So in this evening we have a walking city tour around Siem Reap city which is one of the most tourism attractive in Cambodia and we also come for volunteering as well.



On the Tuk Tuk to the hotel…


We went to see the small holly Buddhist temple where hundred of Buddhist people go for wishing and blessing from the monks every day. In there we did respect to the Buddha statue and we also got blessing for good luck, safe trip and success in our lives from the monks in there as well .




At the holly Buddhist temple


And then we walked along the royal resident and garden to the Siem Reap river and we walk to see the one of Big Buddhist temple and then we walked through the market and pub streets and direct to have dinner. That was such a good day because the weather is nice and we had a good dinner and played two truth and a lie during we had dinner.



Dinner Time
It was a big day for us after flight and walking city tour, so after dinner someone go to bed and the other wanted to explore the night market and bought some clothes.
We will have a busy day tomorrow at the Kro Bei Real where we are going to build the house and meet the awesome people there.
Have a sweet dream everyone.

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