Arrival party! Last group for the season!

24th of July, 2016…. The day that the last Cambodian volunteering group arrived for the season! WAHOO!

Well, five chaps did get in a day early on Saturday… But Sunday was a full day of airport pick ups for me as I ran back and forth from the airport to pick up the remaining 9 volunteers arriving!

My name is Shan, and I’ll be the team leader (along with the fantastic Domdin) for this last program. We are all ready for hard work, to make a difference, and definitely to have fun and get silly!

Sunday was filled with working on jet lag, snacking on delicious Cambodian meals, lounging at the pool, and I heard a few people even got massages! The vols who had made it to Siem Reap by lunch time were treated to a short tour of the city as well as visiting a local pagoda.

The teaching program volunteers were finishing up their third week – they biked over to a lake in the morning with Domdin for a “beach” day and relaxed in hammocks and ate chicken! So relaxing and fun after getting sweaty biking over.

Monday is a promising fresh start to the newest program! I’ll give you all more details on the last projects we’re finishing up in tomorrow’s blog ☺️. You’ll hear from me again soon!




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