At the School



Getting up nice and early we all had breakfast and piled into our Tuk Tuks ready to head out to the Village.

Upon arrival we were greeted by swarms of gorgeous kids calling out Hello and giving us a smile wherever we turned. We then met the inspirational Sambath.

He spoke to us of his incredible life and determination to give opportunities to all children and people in his community. Sambath and the people who work and study at the school are truly remarkable. They prove that money is no barrier to success and education, all dreams can be realised through hard work and that smiling and laughing make everyone’s day better!

We began the morning with a tour of the school and the local villages that make up the community


The local market where the food is purchased daily for lunch


Beautiful children from the village


I think we’ve made some friends!

After a delicious lunch with local High School kids and volunteers it was time to get into the hard work of laying down the foundations for the house we are building.

Our team gets to rotate between Building, Dancing, Teaching, Sports and Painting all with the amazing kids.


Sal clearing the area



Kyle doing some heavy lifting


Flexing the muscles after some hard work

An eye opening and incredibly satisfying first day working at the School. At times the work can be so tough in the sun but seeing all the amazing children brings so much joy to everyone while we are working!

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