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Happy Australia Day to all the loved ones back home!! For those of us over in Cambodia, it twas no holiday for us! Our first day out on the job started at 6:30 am with orientation and 7:00 breakfast of eggs and toast 🙂 By 7:30 everyone one packed up in their tuk tuks for our ride out to the village we will be working in. Excitement was high as this was the first tuk tuk ride for many of the twelve newbies! We arrived at our village at 8 am to meet the principle of the school, SoPara. SoPara took us around the school and gave us an introduction to our project. This week we will be continuing last weeks project of three school rooms. Our tasks for this week are finishing the roof and walls! The school currently has only two classrooms situated near the road. Due to the closeness of the road, the teaching can be quite unsuccessful. The new English classrooms we are building will be further back and in a much more friendly learning environment 🙂

At 9:00 am we split into three groups. We had one group start shaving the bamboo which we will later be using for the walls while another group started digging an area where a porch and garden will later sit. My last group braved the roof’s height and jumped on top of the building to start putting together the grass ceiling. With help from Australia flag capes and visors and bucket hats, everyone powered through the heat. Around 11am we broke for a much needed break and lunch time. We all gathered in one of the current classrooms and nommed on veggies, fish soup, rice and watermelon. We broke out the game Two Truths and A Lie after lunch to get to know names a bit better then headed back into work.

In the afternoon we rotated groups and continued the jobs from the morning. Side by side with the local builders we were able to complete nearly all the bamboo shaving, almost all the porch digging and nearly half of the roof. These classrooms are ginormous and I am so proud of everyone for sticking through the heat! Keep it up!

At 4pm we headed back into town and had a little over an hour to wash up before Domdin and I told everyone to meet downstairs for a little surprise. With blankets in hand we gathered everyone and headed to the park for a sunset MEAT PIE DINNER, tomato sauce and all 🙂 This was my first every meat pie and I must say I am obsessed. We are missing out over in the states! We topped off our meals with a trip to Blue Pumpkin for Cambodia’s famous ice cream and then headed out to the night market for the one and only lady boy show. From Shakira and Beyonce the lady boys shook shoook shooook it for us while we spent a half hour getting our toes and backs pampered.

Everyone was a bit exhausted from the busy day and called it a night after the show. Tomorrow we start right back into work at 8am. It’s gonna be good!

Until then!

Kate and Domdin, Honorary Aussies 


Domdin’s teaching program update:

Hello all my dearest blog readers,

I will update about teaching program at the school. This is the last week for all my lovelies’ teachers at BFOK. After we had breakfast and took tuk tuk to the village, they make lesson plan for their own classes. It is Australia day today, our teachers tough students about Australia’s song (Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi). Every class teachers teach this song to their students. They look so happy with their students. In their lesson, they’re teaching about family. Students learn about their family members, practice with their classmates ask and answer questions. This is the fourth week for all of them at the school.

Good night!








Will and Clare


Pass pass pass it up


Jess and her teaching class








Meg and Ella all giggly during the lady boy show

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