Avocado, no ahhhhvocado


Avocado, no Ahhhhvacado

Today was our last day working on the house and BOY OH BOY does it ever look fantastic. We powered through in the morning and got all the dirt laid out and the brick walls built up before lunch. We finally discovered on the last day that there is a far more effective way of getting dirt from the pile over to the house project (the tractor DUH)

Lunch was delicious again and we played a super duper fun card game the whole time, I had the most cards in my hand the whole time so that means I won right? After lunch we walked back to the project site and got a bunch of Popsicles and icecream on the way, SO nice on a hot day.

Back at the project we got to really get our feet and hands dirty and jump right into the wet foundation and stomp it down to compact it. We “accidentally” may have started flinging some wet mud at eachother. We got to have a rage party as well, we were given hammers and bricks to smash small pieces for the foundation. After that we took a group photo in front of all of our hard work! The house looks AMAZING! I couldn’t be more proud of this fabulous group, the teamwork and love and comradary between everyone is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We got to take a group photo and monkey around on the top of the house after!

Later we went over to the school for our last day with the kids. We got to give them each a small bag of candy, and many of the girls brought clothes and games and school supplies to donate!

Before we went to dinner we got to see a local carnival, rides and games and food galore! We got to all bump eachother around on the the bumper cars. Everyone went to bed early tonight before a big day at Kulan Mountain tomorrow!

(There was an issue with Internet today so I will upload pictures tomorrow)