Bamboooooooooo Bandits

We all were up bright and early, for a nice breakfast altogether than headed out to the village to finish the classroom. There is still lots of work to be done though. Once we all arrived at the school, Chaiky was there to meet us, she is the principal of the ROV community school. She told us about her story on how she came to love education, and teaching all the children in the local village, and how she has fulfilled her dream! She now teaches almost 300 children, and this school provides free education every day for her to do just that! This new classroom is so she can keep expanding and accept more children throughout the village to have the chance to learn just like she did.

We got to work and started the outside frame to attach a shade roof on the outside. Lyana and Socheatha worked together to saw the corners off so they were all level.

Lyana and Socheatha hard at work

Ross jumped on up the scaffolding and were helped the builders nail it altogether.

Ross helping measure for the stand

Once all the nails had been put in we all lifted it together to attach to the cement blocks on the ground, and had it standing up.

Then it was lunchtime. The lovely girls from the village prepared us a delicious meal, and we all just shared two truths and a lie while we ate. Coconut and HotDog, the two local puppies joined us as well while they were waiting for our leftover scraps.

Coconut having a snooze after lunch

Lunch was over and we headed back to work, we needed to get the bamboo ready for us to use, we scraped all of the outside pieces off to make it less jagged. This job took a little while as we had a lot of bamboo to go through but we all just chatted and worked away.

Socheatha scraping the bamboo clean

Then the bamboo was ready to be put up, Lyana got up with the builders and helped nail the pieces into structure so we can start creating the roof.

And then it was playtime with the children! Ross played soccer with Serong and the children, while Lyana and Socheatha learned a new game that was similar to hacky sack, but with feathers and a spring and they have to keep it above the ground. Sophia and Kate finished teaching and joined us for playtime.

Lyana hanging out with the kids

Once playtime was over we all headed back to Siem Reap to swim in the pool and then head to dinner. And once dinner was over we just went and explored, some of the night markets and relaxed at the hotel playing some card games and riddles. What a great first day and can not wait for tomorrow.