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Today’s post on BFOK is going to be written by one of the volunteers!

On the second day of work we went right into it. Cleaning and trimming bamboo, sanding down wood blocks, digging up weeds and designing the template. The building we were working on was destined to become a new community centre. After three intense hours of labour in the sun we went back to the school complex. There we relaxed, talked and held the puppies. After lunch and some more relaxing interrupted by a few showers of rain, we went back to work. It was gruelling but worth it when we went back to the hotel. Later in the evening after dinner we explored a night market.

Overall today was an opportunity for all of us to explore both rural and urban Cambodian life.


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– Hugh B


Tasting triangular and crikets! Village immersion’s blog It was the second day the school. We had done lots of things at our project side today. When we arrive at the school we had three different groups of people. The first group clean bamboo sticks for the roof top. The second was sanding woods and the third group was cleaning small plants and grasses at a place where the building will be on. Everyone worked very hard with their works for a while under a hot weather for a while after that we swopped the group over around. We had a little speaker with music on during we work it sometime makes us feel more energy when we’re listening music and working. After that everyone went back to the school for lunch time.

While we waiting for foods our Cambodian team leader (Damdin) taught us with Khmer language. It was a very with the class. We knew some words in Khmer now like “Sue Sdey (hello), Arkun (thank you), lea hi (goodbye)….” It was great! After lunch we backed to a project side and then everyone had quite the same jobs in the morning. We did sanding, cleaning bamboos, cleaning plants and some helped builders with sawing and chiseling. And then we played soccer with kids at the school. In the evening after we had dinner and then we went a little bit shopping and some of us had triangular and crickets. It was so good.

Teacher’s blog, It was the second day at school. Today was the first day for the class in the morning. It was a little bit hard to communicating with them because they very small and they don’t understand lots but it was good thought. We taught them with sharps and color today. I think the first few days it will hard because those is getting to know each other. They are very cute but some of them very hard.



I (Stew) will jump back in for the other school:

At KID TEA the rest of us got to work on our own project. It involved so much digging! We took turns at our three jobs today, digging a hole for the water reservoir for the toilet while the rest focused on making the cement or brick laying for the actual toilet. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!







It’s good to see after dinner how quickly the group has bonded. They’re already heading out into the city to explore everything Siem Reap has to offer (sometimes it can take all week before they’re comfortable enough to do this!). They’re all cheerful both at work and play, this is one of those groups that I dream to have as a Team Leader, the ones that are completely enthusiastic about the work, eager to make a difference and a complete pleasure to be around!





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