Boxes, Buckets, and Dirt!!!!

Today is Allie Kingsley’s blog. Enjoy reading her blog!

We started out our day by going to the village that we have been working in all week. There were three main projects that we took turns doing: laying the bricks for the foundation of the house, putting together the house frame, and shoveling the clay that would soon become the floor of the house. As we worked we jammed to a lot of good tunes, played with the kids, and of course cuddled our favorite little puppy. After our hard work was finished for the day we went to the ROV school to hang out with the kids. An intense match of football (soccer) was played, and many new games were taught and learned. A particular favorite was a game where all the kids made a giant circle and two people were put in the middle. Each of the two people were blindfolded and one persons task was to catch the other. The crowed making the circle directed the two people away and towards each other. Kind of like a unique game of tag, but with blindfolds. What fun! Once we all said our goodbyes, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before the evening activities. A highlight of the evening was our trip to the Art Box, which is the worlds largest 3D art exhibit. We ran around like kids in a candy store looking at art and taking photos. Afterwards we had a nice dinner and we then went to the night market to soak up more of the local culture. All and all it was a good day!



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