Build House: Check!

Today we finished work on the 5- person home that’s been under way for the last two weeks. We came in and picked up where the last group left off, busting through so quickly that we actually got ahead of schedule.

After hours of hammering, sawing, sanding, and repeating it was amazing to finally see the finished product. Not only were we able to complete the house, but being ahead of scheduled allowed us to build a chicken coop as well as lay the foundation for an exterior kitchen!!

This group also went above and beyond in another way- they all pitched in and gave a cash donation of $145 which was used to purchase supplies for the family. We were able to use the money to buy a rice cooker, new bedding for the whole family, kitchen essentials such as bowls and silverware, as well as groceries (including a 50kg bag of rice) that will last well over a month. Oh, and a baby pig that the family can raise and sell. All of that was provided simply because the volunteers decided to do something incredible that they in no way we’re obligated to. When we presented it all to the family, they said they were so happy they could cry; I think we all felt the same.

Days like today remind me how beautiful people can really be <3 Photos of house to follow soon!! Much love everyone 🙂