Bumper cars

Hi from all the way in Siem Reap. Today we went on with rendering, as well as painting all the timber to protect it from termites and the weather and make it long lasting. We also started a little front part to the house, a bit like a porch, and as always we still had a lot of hammering and sawing. We copped some stormy weather at times which made work a little more challenging but we got through it just fine. 

After work we went and played with the kiddies and had a grand old time. Once we arrived back in town we grabbed an early dinner and then headed out to the carnival where we participated in a number of activities, such as, bumper cars, little rocket ships, train ride, pop the balloons etc etc. 

Tomorrow will be our last day in the village, so I’m sure we will get HEAPS done and I look forward to sharing all the pictures with you all.

Cheers guys,