Bumper cars!

Hello again everyone!

Today was day 3 at the village and after a lovely breakfast and a nice tuk tuk ride we arrived at Kro Bei Riel ready to work! We split up into two groups with starting shoveling and moving dirt to the house we are building while the other group sanded and painted wood boards for the frame of the house. A very hot day was made easier by the help of Clayton’s new ipod dock fresh from the market and some well chosen “shoveling music”.

Lunch time quickly arrived and some of the volunteers headed off to a local shop for some ice milo while others just relaxed in their houses.

In the afternoon the volunteers combined forces to lift the frame of the house up! It was great to see the house starting to take shape. After some great team work we split up into our two groups again, with one finishing the painting and the other finishing off the foundation and the floor frame… with more great music helping us through the heat! At 3 o’clock the volunteers had free time and got to play with the children. There was lots of dancing and piggy back rides! At 4 we headed back to our accommodation to rest up for the night activities.

Everyone eager for some roller coasters and rides met in the lobby at 6 awaiting a trip to the local carnival! A short tuk tuk ride away took up to a street lit up by lights and lots of great smelling food. First up was the bumper cars, with all volunteers ready to smash about a bit. Following the cars the volunteers walked around, going on roller coasters and playing shooting games trying to win oreos! After about an hour at the carnival we met up and headed off to dinner. After dinner many volunteers went back to the accommodation to catch up on sleep for the big day ahead of us tomorrow, while some chose to recharge with massages or a trip to the supermarket for some chocolate.

Blog out!

Assistant team leader,





Update from a couple of the teacher’s first day of teaching:

Nick: Hey guys, my name is Nick and I’m from Adelaide, south Australia. I’m 18, I study psychology and I’m a musician. I’m teaching English to grades 7, 11 and 12. By far, the biggest difficulty I’ve encountered is the language barriers. An example would be when a student asked what “exist” means and I proceed to start a philosophical discussion for 3 minutes before realizing that none of them understand a word I’ve said. But ultimately we’ve warmed up to each other and we’ve gotten some effective learning done and I’m planning to teach them their favorite English song at the end of the week. It’s been amazing so far and I’m still excited for the next 5 and half weeks.


Georgie: Today was my first day working at the village school. I taught students that were between 6 and 12 years old. Although I had some trouble pronouncing their names, the students were very keen to learn and we had a lot of fun doing our best to understand one another. The highlight of my day was receiving a bunch of wildflowers from one of the female students”


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