Cakes, carnival and cement

We all woke up bright and early this morning, and once we all had breakfast we headed out on the Tuk Tuks with Serong out to the village. Once we arrived we started straight away on getting the fence ready that will be around the school. We pulled off all the bamboo from the cement posts, and then started digging them out too.

Getting our holes ready

Once we cleared the posts, we got down and dirty and started some new holes, deep and wide enough to fit the brand new cement posts. Lyana then organised the pile of sand and cement and got it all ready to start mixing it up. Ross and Socheatha came over to help mix it all up then it was already to be poured into the holes.

Sochetha, Ross and Lyana working hard to mix the cement

Lyana and Socheatha filling the holes

We got half done and then headed for lunch as we all had worked up an appetite. Once we ate, it had started to rain and we all dozed off and had a little nap until work was back on. Once we got back onto the school grounds we finished the other half of the fence by mixing some more cement and placing the last cement posts up and ready to start bricklaying tomorrow.

Cement posts are ready

We also got a bit more paint work done in the classroom as the last little bits are in a bit more of an awkward position, but by tomorrow it will all be finished and we cannot wait to see it all finished!! It was a tough day today, and we all worked so hard!

Sophia and Coconut worked extra hard today

That being said we were so excited to head back to the hotel and jump in that pool. We all had some free time, just hanging out by the pool before dinner. Straight after dinner we then headed out to the carnival.

Kate, Jade, Sophia, Socheatha, Lyana, Serong and Ross outside the carnival

We all had so much fun on a few different rides and even played some dart and shooting games. I failed miserably but Lyana and Ross both became winners and received a couple of prices.

Ross and Serong ready to rock n roll

Kate and Socheatha on their first ride

Jade and Sophia about to rocket away

What an awesome day/night it has been, and we all cannot wait to have the classroom finished tomorrow!!