Cambodian’s wedding and floating village

Hey hey, this is Damdin again.

It was really awesome day today. We went to join Damdin wife cousin wedding today. This was a great experience to see about Cambodia culture. It took two day for the wedding and today was the second day in a wedding. We got there around 9:30 am in the morning. We saw blessing ceremony which was family tied bracelets to groom and bride. This meant for good luck to both of with new married life. They took a while to finish this. After that it around 11:30 am we had foods and lots drinks served. It was so much fun! After we finished party weveryone put some money in an envelope because here we give money like a gift.

In the afternoon we went to Tonle Sap lake which is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia. We took tuk tuk there and boat to see floating houses in village. On the way there we saw lots houses built on very tall steal. So th is can avoid from float in the rainy season. It was a great experience. After we got in to the lake we saw fish farm and crocodile farm in a village as well. Some of family there feed crocodile for skin because it is very expensive products from crocodile skin.

After we came back from floating village and had dinner we watched about Khmer Rouge. It was very sad story but it is good to know about this. And everyone went to bed after movie. We need to get really for work tomorrow.

thanks for reading my blog today. Goodnight

Cambodian wedding

Met Damdin’s son at the wedding party

Wedding party

Taking a boat to see floating village

Free style

The king Damdin 🙂

Sunset at the lake