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Hello everyone! It was a fabulous day had by all in the beautiful city of Siem Reap today. We are so lucky and grateful to be working and spending time in such an amazing place. I could really feel the love today from everybody, and hopefully all the updates will leave you feeling the same way. I will go through all the updates in sections, so bare with me because there’s a whole bundle 🙂

Updates from Tara’s Group:

We set off to our brand new school called KidTea today. It is a small school where kids have the opportunity to go and learn english and other languages as well as art and some music. This is an optional school for them on top of primary school, but many try to attend everyday because english is their main way to get out of poverty here. There are about 75 students at the school, and it is very cool coming in and seeing the difference we can make over a course of time. There are three classrooms already, a library and a toilet, but we are on our way to building three more classrooms. We are expanding this now so that it has room to grow and thrive over the next few years! 
The teachers also had a great morning teaching and playing word games with the kids. They’re making so much progress! It’s great to see so many eager-to-learn students here 🙂 DSC06356

We spent the day laying tiles for the floor (hence the title of the blog today). Although we started off a little wobbly, we learned the trick of the trade and improved our tiling skills immensely. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks! We also leved out the areas surrounding the floor, brought in all the wood materials needed to complete the frame and sawed pieces off to prepare the frame! We even had a little story time on our lunch break. It was a very successful first day. I am so proud of their hard work! DSC06354 DSC06353 DSC06355DSC06362IMG_2624DSC06365

Tonight we ate at another yummy yummy restaurant then went for dessert. However, dessert was not the traditional sweet treat. Instead, we had a little Cambodian traditional rite of passage for those who wanted to partake and bought a bag (yes I said bag) of deep fried crickets. Some more adventurous ones went all out and got a teriyaki flavored deep fried tarantula. Now they are officially part of Cambodian culture. After some much needed massages, we are off to bed and up again tomorrow for more fun times! Till tomorrow! DSC06367


Update on our BFOK Teachers:

 Exciting things are happening! Teachers are beginning to see progress in their students. Mady and Adele have been focusing on letter recognition with their preschoolers. Things have proven to be a challenge and after some hard work and perseverance, one of their students (who had no letter or number recognition) made a connection with two letters. Both girls were over the moon and so excited for this little ones progress. Just goes to show that hard work pays off.10941790_10152689310187499_483259324_n10921944_10152689316542499_1444384842_n10934365_10152703480881275_2070412736_n

Also, awesome news! BFOK became a licensed school. Previous to our arrival, the school had been threatened to be shut down. Now, because of a special laminated document, the school is able to run for many years to come and continue to expand.967964_10152703480696275_1081288674_n


Update on Domdin’s Village Immersion Group:

Hey hey, Sue Sey (Hello)!

This is the first day for the arrivers on this week. It was the quite the same others. We had breakfast at 7am in the morning and them we took tuk tuk to the village. When we arrived at the school, all the new people had an orientation by Mr. Sophean (principle of the school) about the school background and showed about the people lifestyle in the village. The people have been here in last week, we had and painting and other group helped to make the roof frame. It was a very busy in the morning. Everyone worked very hard with their own work. When new people finished their orientation, they came to helped to carry rocks to put in the foundation for ready to make concrete for tomorrow. They worked very hard to reach that plane. And then we had lunch break from 11 am to 1 pm. It was t very hot day today.

It was a really good time during lunch time, because our people cooked foods and some of us played “uno” game. After lunch time, we had different groups to do works. The first group, they helped the local builders to make the wall frame. The second group, make rock smaller and ready to do a concrete and the other group painting. After one and half hours we swopped the group around. We almost finished with painting for this week.

After a hardworking, all the builders played a soccer with team and the kids in the school. It really fun thought.

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