Carnival fun!

Today was an extremely successful day at the village. After a breakfast of fried noodles we hit the road for the village and immediately got into work. Today’s jobs where a hodge-podge of different tasks. In the morning we had a group hop to the top to continue to put together the roof. Another group began to cut and clean bamboo that will be used for railings and the last group continued to make the walls from yesterday. We rotated jobs on the hour until the heat chased us inside after three hours. For lunch and break time SoPara, the school principle’s, mother sautéed heaps of greens and veggies and eggs for us. She then spoiled us with bites of pork – such a delicacy after days and days of rice 🙂

Post catnap we hustled back to work for another three hours in the afternoon. We tied and tied and tied grass to the bamboo roof until it was just about done. The roof will be finished in no time! While the roof continued on we had another group hammering away at the walls and a third group level and lay brick for the schoolroom’s porch and garden. The afternoon was the hottest it’s been all week and I am so proud of how everyone pushed through. Three hours flew and at 4:00pm we said goodbye to the school.

Rested and washed up all of the new building volunteers gathered up at 6:00 and headed off with Domdin to their first taste of local fun. They spent the evening at Route 60, or better described as a Cambodian carnival. Route 60 is one of my favorite activities in Cambodia. It’s such a great experience to see a culture that works so hard be able to take their kids out and enjoy themselves. Complete with bumper cars and roller-coasters, the volunteers had a successful evening. They headed to dinner afterwards and back in for the night.

While the new building volunteers soaked up the carnival the rest of the teachers headed to dinner with me.

Tomorrow the group has decided to visit Angkor Wat for sunrise so it’s going to be an early early morning. While builders are at Angkor Wat the teaching program will be heading to the floating villages for the day.



Andy and Aaron


Emma, Jess, Tiff, Hannah, Bec, Cat


Tiff and James..i mean Andy…no James?….Andrew?? AHHHHHHH WHERE IS YOUR HAIR SWOOP?!



Jess and Ella


Nick and Meg




Anna, Ellyse






Teachers Update:

Sue saday everyone! This week at BFOK we are focusing on numbers and the All About Me booklets. The All About Me books are tying in quite well with the curriculum in place at BFOK. Today my class finished their last page of the book which was ‘a game i like to play is…’. Some students wrote that they like hangman, marbles, match game and the ABC clapping game. The books are just about finished now and all that is left is some editing and giving them to the students on our last day, we are very proud of their work. For lunch we had a beautiful traditional Beef Luk Luk and green vegetable soup… And of course rice! During our lunch time breaks we have been playing some heated games of uno. Today we stepped it up a notch by introducing extreme uno. Much to our sadness the uno cards were lost for a little while leaving us no other resort than to make home made uno cards. Tonight we tried a new restaurant which was turned out successful as it was delish. We are really looking forward to having a day off tomorrow and venturing to the floating villages!

Leer Hi, Emily Alman, FNQ xx