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today is a volunteer’s blog,

Hello! Our names are April and Taryn. Early in the morning, our team had breakfast and headed off on a Tuk Tuk to our working site. Jobs are shared between 3 groups and this is rotated after a while. The jobs include retrieving water, mixing cement and laying the bricks, and working on the frame of the house. We can access water whenever feel but we are given 2 water breaks as a group, once the break is over, jobs are switched. The children that will be living in the house when it is completed were there today and gave numerous of people on our team some gifts. They were very loving and kind and were not afraid to point out our mistakes J At 11am, the team departed the site to head back to the school to have lunch. Today during our lunch break, we spent time at the school again. We ate rice, veggies, and egg. After lunch, everyone has time to relax and do whatever they feel. Some played cards outside, others have the option to sit in the library under the cooling fan and access Wi-Fi. After finishing our lunch break, we then loaded bricks into a small truck. Once the truck was loaded, we headed back to the working site and worked together as a team to prepare the flooring of the house to complete on Friday. After we finished laying cement and sand down to build the foundation, we sat down to take a language lesson. Our leader, Damdin, taught us some basic words and phrases in his native Khmer language. We then packed up and headed back to our hotel on the Tuk Tuks. We are now headed to a carnival. So until next time!

In the evening we went to the carnival. It was so much fun with bomber car and other games there. After the carnival we went back to town for dinner. We had to go to sleep early because tomorrow we have to get very early in the morning for sunrise.

Goodnight!!DSC02826 DSC02830 DSC02831 DSC02832 DSC02837 DSC02849 DSC02851

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