Chickeny friends

Hey folks, 

Sorry I haven’t been up to date this week, I’ve had a few minor technological issues but I’m pretty sure I’m on top of them now. 

Over the past 48 hours, we’ve finished the walls the roof, the floor, put the windows on, built a door and even started a little chicken and duck enclosure for all their birdy friends. It’s been a bit of a process in the heat but we’ve smashed it out as a little group. I’m pretty sure we’re all best friends already, which of course makes life a lot easier. 

Last night we also did karaoke, I was too chicken to have a go, but between the group there were definitely some highlights, including Jackson and Katie. 

Tonight we have our second week village volunteers doing a cooking class (Jewell, Sabby and John) with the rest hiring up the night markets. 

Check out the pics below 🙂