Christmas Eve, a 21st birthday, TWO cakes and KARAOKEEE

Today we spoiled ourselves a bit and got to eat breakfast at a buffet next door. All the traditional Khmer breakfast (rice and noodle) but this time we had eggs, toast and …COFFEEEEEE!! It was delicious. At 7:30 am we headed back to the village.

We got back into our groups straight away. While some of us continued to raise the foundation around the pillars, others continued to sand the floorboards and also start to paint the walls. On the last hour of work before lunch we got to start putting together the frames!!

IMG_2505 IMG_2521 IMG_2520


Once lunch rolled around we got to take a nice, well-deserved break and eat some WAFFLES because we had a 21st birthday girl in town! Our beautiful volunteer, Jill, was a Christmas Eve baby and we all got to celebrate with her. The village got together to make Jill a waffle cake with watermelon. It was so thoughtful and a great bonding experience with the locals. After eating lunch we headed back into work. We spent two hours working side by side with the locals to put the frames up. It has been a few long, hard days of work and seeing the house take shape was so incredible.

cake cake2


Frame one!


Frame two!


Frame three!


We finally ended the day with the usual hour of little kiddozzz!! We had hair dos going, bracelets being made and limbs being climbed on. Around 4:00 everyone was zonked and we headed back to the town for the evening. We headed out to dinner and ended the evening with yet another birthday celebration (who doesn’t want two cakes on their birhday?!?) and some KARAOKE!! Ed and Jocelyne had no shame in going first and were quickly followed by all the girls. It was a wonderful night of hard laughs and crazy dance moves.

IMG_2556 IMG_2562

cake3IMG_2572 IMG_2578 IMG_2579 IMG_2582 IMG_2584


Tomorrow is another huge and very special day as we are going to get up before the crack of dawn to visit Angkor Wat for sunrise!


Until then!

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