Cooking Class!

Arun Suas Sdei (Good Morning) Everyone.

Relaxing day with Cooking Class!!!

Today is the day that we are going to change our hotel to the another hotel. Some of us have already packed in the night and some not. After we put our luggage in one room, we had breakfast at 9 am after that we walked to the great restaurant where we have the cooking class today.

when we arrived there we got a warm greeting with welcome drink. Wowww, how thirsty we are!


There two different Menus for cooking today. Both of them sound delicious but the menu we chose are:

: Image

Starter :Chicken with Banana Blossom

Soup: Kor Koo Soup ( Mixed Vegetable Soup)

Main Course: Chix and Fish Amok

Dessert: Banana sagoo in Coconut milk.

After we chose them, Our Chef escorted us to the local market to buy the ingredients for our cooking.


wowwww! it is long day for cook, we start from 10 am to 3:30 pm! We cook and eat, eat and drink, drink and go to toilet..,toilet and back to cook and eat… Now we are too much full!


After plenty of food in our stomach, we go back take our luggage to the new hotel. In there some of us play card, check in facebook, listening music to wait a big group are coming in this evening and have dinner. Yes, the big group of ladies come at 8 pm and we go to have the dinner at 8:30 pm. Dinner is finished and we back to our hotel to sleep.


Have a nice day!!!

See you tomorrow with walking city tour!!


Our Chef escorted us to the local market to buy the ingredients which we are going to cook today

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