Crickets anyone?!

Hello again!


Today is going to be a short blog as it was a free day here in Siem Reap. Everyone has worked extremely hard the last week and deserved a day of relaxation! Some volunteers spent the day getting ice cream or shakes while others took it to the massage spa! In the evening a group of us visited the Route 60 which is where the Cambodian markets are as well as a carnival. This is a common place for the Cambodian people to shop and bring their children for a night out. It was very neat to see them having fun and enjoying themselves right along side us. Right now we are eating dinner and afterwards will hit the markets again and head in. Tomorrow we head to the elephant sanctuary bright and early!


Cricket anyone?

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A few volunteers wanted to give a note to their family and friends:


Hi Mom and Dad! I miss you and tell Madi Happy Birthday for me! Love you guys so much! Jill Tezak

Hey everyone! Miss you all so much and love you guys! See you soon! Mikayla Smith

Hey mom, Nicky and Kat, missing you guys so much, and I’m excited to give you guys the things I bought you and show you all of my pictures ! Love you guys, give Blossom and Floyd a big hug and kiss for me ! -Jocelyne

Hey guys, hope you had an awesome Christmas!! Lots of pictures to show you when I’m home. Have a good New Years, take a few shots for me! 😉 -Beth~

Hey guys! Miss you all so much, I would say I miss home, but instead I wish you could all be over here with me. Happy Birthday Dad, love you heaps and heaps. Love, Taylor 🙂

Hi everyone! I am having the time of my life but missing you all at home, can’t wait to show you all the pictures and tell you all about! Love, Stefanie xoxo

Hi!!! I miss and love everyone as I have already expressed, but I might never come home. I LOVE CAMBODIA! -Mandy

Heey,  I am having such a great time, hope Christmas was awesome! Happy New Year!! Talk soon.  XOXO Madison

Seems like everyone is getting a chance to scribble on the Official blog. May I take this opportunity to say “hi! B) ” to folks back at uni and to my Achan. Thanks for your undeterred support! I am rocking it all up from head to toe at Cambi 😉 – @ Lakku


Until the ellies!