Day 1 at the amazing Cambodian Village

Hello (Sua Sdei) Monday! You woke us up so early in this morning. After we had had fried noodle with egg for our breakfast at the hotel, we took TuK Tuk to the village where we are going to work today. On the way to the village we saw a big different between Cambodia and Australia and also New Zealand  like landscape, lives style and especially a lot skinny cow and water buffaloes along the way to the village.



On the Tuk Tuk to Village

Now we arrived the community which we always dream about when we are in Cambodia. We met a lot of friendly children, local volunteers, staffs and Sambath the school director in our Community School.
After that Sambath introduced himself and his community, it is such a great thing to know about his background, his school and what he has done for his community.

IMG_7241We had the village orientation by him and his volunteers around the village. On the way to the village we have learned too much different things if we compare to Australia or the other countries in Europe.

We took a rest at the local coffee shop and while we were there we had delicious Cambodia Ice coffee and Ice Milo in this shop. After that we walked through the village and saw a lot of cow poop on the way where walk until the house that we going to build in this week. This week we going build the roof and also the platform because the foundation has already done by the other group .

And then we came back to school and help students to cook for our lunch. It is first time that we cook the Cambodian food and we had lunch with the students and some of the staffs here. Most of the kids are from the poor family which is lack of food for eating.

After we had lunch we took around hour for resting and taking a nap. And then we took the trailer (Reu Mork in Khmer language) to a work place. Today we tried to work a lot with sanding the wood, painting but the rain is coming to disturb our work but never mind we kept doing sanding and digging dirt to fill he foundation under the rain. That is so cool weather here today.

IMG_7213 IMG_7197

IMG_7219 IMG_7224IMG_7226
It is on time we came back to school with our trailer safety. Now it is time to relax with dancing, playing basketball and football with these cute children and other local volunteers here.




After that we got back the hotel, take a shower and went to the carnival. we had a lot of fun with the Swing, Balloon Darting and Bumber Car. what is the great thing there today is Snake, Baby Duck Egg, Cricket and fruit tasting on the street.

After the dinner we walked around the Night Market doing shopping and some massage.  Now we are a bit sleepy and keep our power for tomorrow. Let me say Good Night ( Rear Trei Sua Dei) .

See you tomorrow!


(Yum Crickets!)


MMMmmmmm More Crickets…





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