Day 1 of Village!

We’ve all arrived, and ready to rock this village program! Everyone woke up this morning and had breakfast on the rooftop. Afterwards we took off to the village where we are working at a local village school. This week we will be building a computer room for the students. The school has received computers as donation but has no room to actually put them in. So this will be our project, and we started off with a little orientation around the school and local village. After lunch we got to work, some people started sanding and others were helping doing some of the framing work for the room itself. Unexpectedly, 3 people were asked if they would be interested in teaching the kids for the week, and we gladly had 3 people volunteer to do so! We finished up the construction a bit early because everyone was working so efficiently that we had to save some to do for the remaining days!

After arriving back at the hotel, everyone had some free time to swim at the pool and then we headed out for dinner. once dinner was finished we had time to go shopping, get massages or whatever our hearts desired! All in all, it was a good first day in Siem Reap!

Thank you for following along, and feel free to leave messages for your family and friends on the program!




Jacinta teaching a class of students!DSC05522

Hannah, Alexandra, Aaron and Josh making a window for the computer roomDSC05530

Elizabeth teaching her class!DSC05537

Here’s a distance shot of some wood being cut for the frameDSC05536 DSC05521

the group getting orientation from the school principalDSC05528

Jennifer teaching her classDSC05524

Here’s a group of everyone sanding some wood for the panelling!