Day 2 & 3 of Village Program!

Day 2 (Tuesday) we started off with some sanding and nailing the siding panels of the computer lab to the building. Another 4 volunteers had the opportunity to try teaching as well. We had gotten so much completed that we were able to start painting the walls of the building, put the windows in and being to see an actual structure take place. In the evening, the group went to a locals carnival. Not exactly what you’d expect to see by Western-world standards, but that’s all part of the fun, and it was definitely that !

Day 3 (Wednesday), I was asked by the principal of the school if it would be ok to take the group away from the school for the morning because there was a mother in the village who needed some help. This is a single mother of 5 children. Her husband had passed away last year from illness and they had an incomplete home. The flooring was still rocks and dirt and they had to sleep on the floor. Surely everyone was all over this and willing to help. So our morning consisted of mixing cement and spreading it across the floor of the home and levelling it out. Myself and Aaron also noticed one of the little boys had severe burns on the bottoms of his feet (he was maybe a year old). The mother said he had walked through some burning embers about 2 months ago and they were still severely damaged. We asked if we could help and then bandaged him up. Once this was all finished, we were able to head back to the school and complete some more of the wall panels, brick laying, teaching and bamboo framing. Once we arrived back at our hotel and had dinner, we headed out to the Phare Circus. This is a must-see in Siem Reap. An acrobatic circus that’s dedicated to providing education and learning in arts to students in Cambodia! This show is always amazing, seeing people being throw in the air, fire acts and more!

It’s an early night tonight because the group is doing an Angkor Wat sunrise tomorrow! Stay tuned to see how their day goes at one of the 7 man-made wonders of the world!



The group with the circus performers!DSC05614

Backflip in the air!DSC05575

Fire act!DSC05595


We’re painting it blue! The Principal’s favourite colour!DSC05566

Aaron and Sophun, the school principalDSC05563

Jennifer, Lou, TJ, Victoria, Lucy and Sarah mixing some cement to lay bricks!DSC05561

Jess digging a hole for the information board being builtDSC05557

Here we are after completing laying the cement (before water was added to harden it)

During cement layingDSC05551

Here’s the floor before we came in to help. They had a few tiles laid before the husband had passed away.