Day 2 on the school project

Wow, what an amazing day. So many things we did today and as result, so little energy left to type (haha) but here goes…

Today at the school everyone worked really hard in their foreign working conditions and heat. We moved sand and cement into the foundation of the new classroom and build bamboo window slats from the sticks of bamboo prepared yesterday. A heavy day on the shovels but everyone got some good human chains going and worked together to be the most efficient human machine moving buckets and barrows of sand that will be later mixed with cement in the base of the school.

We stopped for lunch and had amok with coconuts fresh from the trees surrounding us. Fired up from the natural electrolytes we finished the whole pile of sand and had enough time to play dancing games with the kids. The teaching volunteers also did a great job explaining pronunciation and spelling letters and objects.

In the evening we all ate at Kamo restaurant trying out new local dishes and drinks before heading to the funny, confronting and relaxing lady boy show.

The show entails getting a Khmer massage while watching ‘cross dressing’ khmer aka ‘lady boys’ be fabulous and lip sync to Britney Spears, Maria K and W Houston’s greatest hits. This is a very engrained element of s.e asian culture and is accepted and appreciated in a wholesome way.

So wholesome that three of the volunteers got up on stage and tried their integrity to flirt and joke with one of the lady boys on stage. One of our Australian lads drew the line once he had been stripped down to his Australian flag, satin boxers shorts (underwear).

We later went off to see some of pub street, ice creams and the markets before retiring to the guesthouse for sleep and rest to be ready for day 3 tomorrow building the school even greater.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from today and know your loved ones are safe, happy and making a difference in the world.

Warm regards,