Day 2: Welcome to the amazing Cambodian Village.

Hello (Sua Sdei) Monday! You woke us up so early in this morning. After we had Omelet with Bread for our breakfast at the hotel, we took two Tuk Tuks to the village where we are going to work today. On the way to the village we saw a big different between Cambodia and Canada like landscape, lives style and especially a lot skinny cows along the way to the village.


We are ready for work!

Now we arrived the community which we always dream about when we are in Cambodia. We met a lot of friendly children, local volunteers, staffs and Sambath the school director at the village.

In here one of local guy (Sam) wanted us to introduce our background and what are we going to be in the future. They also introduce themselves to us.


After that Sambath introduced himself and his community, it is such a great thing to know about his background and his school. Event it waspretty hot and all of us get sweaty.

We had the village orientation by him and his volunteers around the village. On the way to the village we have learned too much different things if we compare to Canada or the other countries in Europe.

We took a rest at the local coffee shop and while we were there we had a delicious Jack Fruit there. It is very sticky fruit like the glue, but it is tasty.


And then we came back to school and help students to cook for our lunch. It is first time that we cook the Cambodian food. Today we cooked Winter Melon Soup with Pork, stir-Fried mixed vegetable and Fried Morning glory. Chloe is good at Stir-Fried Morning Glory. Emmm they are so delicious. Come on we have left for you as well.



Heyy! We become the professional chefs of Khmer Food.

After we had lunch we took around hour for resting In our Canadian House. And then we took the trailer (Reu Mork in Khmer language) to a work place.

Some of us went to collected the palm leaves at paddy rice and some stay at the work site to tear and fold the palm leaves in order to make wall and roof of the house for the villagers There we worked a bit hard because it is the first time for us to do this Job and it is also a bit hot for us. Emmm , we got sweaty again.


Catherine, Ellen, Chloe, Jenice, Michaela and local people are working hard with their big smile .

It is on time we came back to school with our trailer safety. Now it is time to relax with dancing, playing basketball and football with these cute children and other local volunteers here. We are a bit tired with sweaty again.



It is time to show our skill of dancing!

After that we got back the hotel, take a shower and wait for our dinner at the Khmer Cuisine Restaurant. The food here is so tasty. Now it is time to eat ..hahhah. After the dinner we walked around the Night Market and had a massage with the lady show. It is so amazing and funny sho


Ellen and Chole had a romantic dinner and Michaela surprise with her Chix Curry in coconut.

Now we are a bit sleepy and keep our power for tomorrow. Let me say Good Night ( Rear Trei Sua Dei) . See you tomorrow!