Day 3: Great Day at the Krobei Real Community in Self Help Community of Cambodia!

Sua Sdei (Hello) Eveyone. Today we had Fried Noodle with vegetable for the breakfast at 7: 00. After breakfast we took the same tuk tuk to the village as normal. When we arrive there we meet Sambath and gave us a new schedule. Three of us go to work site, there we did the job that we have rarely done at home. We need to clear the banana plantation, chop the bamboo into small pieces in order to weave the palm leaves for the house wall and roof.


Here we go to the work site! ( Ellen Clear the banana trees and Patrick chop the bamboo)
The other three of us stay at the school to teach English to the students, painting, Speaking English with them in order to improve their speaking Skill.They tried to get to know these students and make friend with these kid as well.


Teaching and exchange experiences with these friendly students!

At 11: 00 am we helped the students to cook for our lunch, today we had Fried Pumpkin with Egg, tomato soup with pork, Fried Pickle with egg and rice. They were so delicious lunch. After lunch we took a rest a half hour and we talked many stories and we tried to do the animal voice such as dogs, elephants but what is most interesting for this chatting is “Who is the Role Model in your Life?” Most of us answered that ” Mom”! Oh! We do love our Moms. Mummy mummy, you are so awesome woman in my life!



Chloe and Patrick are cooking for us!

After that we went to work a gain in the work site which have already assigned.


Already for work!
After we come back from our hard work in the at the work site in the village. We had such fun time with the kids, we danced Cambodian style, western style, played sport and make a friend with the kids in the school.


Catherine and Chloe are making friends!

Why is the great time is so fast? It time to back to our accommodation in the city. After we relaxed in the chilled place about half hour, we took the tuk tuk to the Road 60 to see the street shop market. In there, we found many kinds of fruit like Mangosteen, Litchi, Rambutan ,lucky cake and the delicious one is “Cricket”. We did darting and roller coaster there. One I have noted is darting we are a bit terrible about it, because I bought twelve darts to pop the balloons but we can pop only one balloon. Emmm.. How good we are?



We went back to have the dinner at the town, it such a great dinner but our desserts are Crickets.


“Crickets Cheering”
We spent around half hour to walk around the night market to buy some stuffs that we need. And then we walk back to our hotel. That is such a great day today. But time is so fast, now it time for us to go bed. Let say good bye to everyone. See you Soon.
Bun Von