Day 4: In the Village (Same Same But Different!)

Hello everyone and “awesome Team of Canadian”, event we woke up, had breakfast, took tuk tuk and worked in the same community but we had different time, breakfast and activities at our work sites.

We arrived the Community by our daily tuk tuk, and then we transferred to great trailer which drove by the local volunteer at SHCC “Mr. Tree” follow some of awesome local guys to the work sites.


We are ready for work in third day at community with these awesome guys.


When we arrive there two of us went to collect the palm leaves at the paddy rice and the rest of you chop the bamboo and weaved the palm for making the wall and roof of Cambodian traditional houses. Today we worked a bit hard under an extremely hot sun because we need to work overtime in order to approach our goal.


IMG_2737Our cool morning activities.


Before Clearing and After Clearing. How is it different.







Our extremely hard work and under the hot Sun in the afternoon!

We also had extra dishes of our lunch. Normally we have only three dishes of food but today we had five dishes, Thank you to our fantastic cooks.



Before Lunch and after Lunch!

That was too much hot at the work sites today. Most of us drank 4 litters of water, but I drank around 5 litters today … hahaha it is good for me! Event we were a bit tired of our great work but we still played the valley ball with our great local guys who worked with us in the whole day. One of kid “William” told me that these guy “all of volunteers as strong as elephants. Thank you William that appreciate us



Volley Ball Super Stars


However, All of you were a bit tired at work sites for this beautiful community and poor but friendly children but you still stand up and be ready for my History and Khmer Lessons this evening. I am really appreciate and proud of you guys. Thanks for your paid attention about these lessons.

After we finish our history lesson we went to have dinner at the restaurant next to the pub street. There we found the funny words in front of this restaurant.




We feel a bit tired and sleepy now, so we need to go to bed early because we will have much walking at the temple tomorrow. We would like to say Good bye (Rear Trei Sua Sdei) to everyone. See you tomorrow! “Same same but Different”.