Day 5: Great Day at the ImpressingTemples!!!

Temple Day!!!

It is the great day that we often dream about when we have stepped in Cambodia in the first time. So it is coming now. All of us have charged full of battery of our cameras, telephone for taking the photo of these temples today. We also charged full of energy for this awesome trip last night. What is going to happen today. Let See together!

We have left the guest house by minivan at 8: 30 am follow with Mr. Wat our funny and great tour guide at the temple today. On the way to the Temple he told us about Cambodian history and also the situation in this Country today. Just a several minutes our good driver stop at check point to buy the gate pass for temple today

We arrived in front of the World Heritage Temple “Angkor Wat” about 9: 00 am. How amazing it is. It is hardly to believe that it was built by the human being time! How awesome Cambodian ancestors were? It is so huge temple we spent around two hours to visit this fabulous temple.



Angkor Wat Temple.

After that we went to see the other temple we call Ta Prom or Jungle Temple. Sometimes most of foreign tourists have known as Tomb Rider temple. It is the fascinating temple in the Angkor area complex because there are lots of huge trees to cover and protect this temple and it seems we are in the jungle to explore something here.


Ta Prom Temple or Jungle Temple!

We were so much tired and hungry after we finished these amazing temples, because we walk hundred miles in the whole morning. Bun told us that” We will have our picnic lunch at the ancient rest house which built in 1282″. It was such a great lunch with natural air-con. After lunch we had blessing by three drinking Cans of holy water from the nun in this small rest house, Ellen got her skirt wet by this holy water. She gave a holy bracelet and read our palm line. What is happen in the future?


Waiting for lunch , Getting Lunch and after Lunch got blessing from nun! Yeye…

After that we went straight to see the one of the most impressing temple “Bayon” Which most of the people Four faces temple that stand it the center of amazing capital city.



Our most impressing temple in the Angkor Tom Complex!”Smiling Temple”

Oh my Buddha, we have thought that it is our relax time from work in the community, but it was harder than there because we have learned a lot of Cambodia and temple histories and too much walking under the hot sun. But that was a such great that we have been and seen all these fabulous temples.
When we had one hour a Khmer language lesson with Mr. Bun, we walked straight to have dinner at a good restaurant in the town and then we got great body massage.



Our Yum Yum dinner at the New Restaurant !

Now we are in bed and let say “Rear Trei Sua Sdei” everyone. Have a good night. See you tomorrow.