Day 6: The Last Day of our One Week at The Community!

Today is the last day of our one week in this pity village. Emmm, We need to repair one house which is in the different area from our previous work site. There are ten family members who live in this house, there is only one big room inside the house. How can they sleep? The career of their father is coconut and palm tree climber and they have a small farm land for doing farm. Today we are going to repair some parts their house.


We are ready for this house!!


We have a bit shock when we hear and see this family. But it doesn’t matter we are here to help, change the world for you.
It is on time to destroy some parts of this house. In the morning our powerful volunteers want to show their power: Jenice , Ellen and some of local people are taking all oldest wall off. Patrick and Catherine and our local chief Engineering are making a new wall for this house by using the palm leave to make it. Michaela , Chloe and some of helpful local volunteers are making a frame of wall by using bamboo.


Taking the photo with family and our great team workers with before stating work!






It is a bit hard for us, because we have never done this before. But we are the fast learner and self- motivation, so we took time only 5 hours to finish all three big parts of walls. Event we worked under the hot sun and we got some hurt from the nail and our bodies are sweaty but keep doing that until we completed it.

After we finished making the walls , now it is time for us to use our lion strength to lift the walls to cover them back. Here we go together. After we finished it the members of this family came through to us and say “Akun Chreoun nas” Thanks so much for our helping. Now we got the new walls to protect the rain in this raining season, without us, we will still have the old and torn wall and I and family wish all of us have good luck, healthy, and safe trip all the time”.




Event we are Destroyers and Builders , but now we become one team!

” Building the world”

It is time to say to good bye to this family back to the community and play with kid and have farewell party that arrange by SHCC to thanks us for hard working and help their community for one week. That is such a delicious dinner and lovely and sweet speech of thankful from this awesome local people. We hardly to leave from them but don’t worry we have one more week here to meet and change your community to be better,, Bye Bye. See You next week!



Well done!