Day One and Two at the Village!!!

Today was our first day volunteering at SHCC (Self Help Community Centre)! After breakfast we made the approximately 25min Tuk Tuk ride to the school and we got to meet the Khmer volunteers that we will be working alongside with for the rest of the week. Each volunteer (or two volunteers) was assigned to one of the twelve huts which represent each grade and are run by Khmer volunteers. Since it was out first day we had an orientation/tour of the school as well as the village in the morning and then each ate lunch with our new families in the hut we were each assigned to.




In the afternoon we went off to the construction site and helped to build the front gate and prepare a flower garden for the new Community Centre as well as used palm leaves for constructing new pieces for roofs and walls for community members whose homes need repairs. The last hour of our time at SHCC each day is spent just playing around with the Khmer volunteers and students; playing basketball, drawing, and/or dancing!!




Due to the weather being rainy, in the evening we stayed in and had a Khmer language lesson and learned lots of new useful words and phrases! After dinner at a local restaurant it was free time and many volunteers visited the market, watched the Lady Boy Show, and/or got massages.

Looking forward to another amazing day with SHCC tomorrow as well as more time to explore Siem Reap!

Leer Hi (goodbye in Khmer)!

Written by Jenn, posted by Bun



Day 2!!
Awake bright and early for another great day of volunteering! Breakfast and then straight to SHCC again for a full day of hard work along with a whole lot of fun! Each morning we meet up with our new families and then hear the instructions for the day. In the morning it was off to the construction site for everyone; some gardening, sanding, and best of all, painting the first completed side of the new gate. There may have been a bit of a paint war…with lots of white and yellow hands, arms, legs, faces…and even more smiles and laughs. 





Lunch was served in our individual houses; the Khmer volunteers assigned to each house prepare the lunch meal each day for the members of the house family including us ROV volunteers (and sometimes we even get the chance to help and learn some Khmer cooking). In the afternoon it was back to work; however, we stayed at the school and cut, split, folded, and sewed palm leaves to make roof pieces to repair an area of the roof over the dance room. We also removed some of the current walls and prepared for new walls to be put up and painted. There are lots of removations in the works for this area of the school as cement walls are also being removed from the dance room in order to crate a stage!



For the last hour it was all fun and games again interacting with the volunteers and the students!!

The weather is still rainy so previously planned activities were again postponed in hopes of better weather soon. Therefore, this evening after eating at another local restaurant it was free time and we headed off to the markets and then a local pub before heading back to the hotel.

Wishing you sweet dreams tonight (and hoping for dryer weather for us tomorrow)! Good night everyone!

Written by Jenn, posted by Bun