Diggin oh oh oh diggin

Today marked the official ground breaking of the house! The reason for the title was because before the house can be built, we must create a solid foundation which, of course, includes digging. We shuttled sand to and from the back of the house to level out the ground and dug holes for the cement posts we will be placing in them tomorrow. This way, the foundation will be stable, reliable and can survive the rainy seasons for many years to come. We also spent time sanding wood, organizing recycled wood for new furniture and weaving bamboo walls for the house renovation next door. It is a big task, but everyone was amazingly motivated today and did a great job!





We played a few games at lunch and included the infamous but forever loved balloon game where everyone must pop the balloons attached to each other’s feet while also protecting your own from being popped. We also learned about the family whose house we are building and the story behind their situation. There is a mother, her four sons and one daughter, but her husband died due to a work accident and the family has been struggling a lot with providing for themselves and having a suitable place to live. It is wonderful what these guys are doing for them. Of course, after work, we got to hang out with the kids again too and everyone was all smiles! Needless to say, it was another successful but fun day at the project. 🙂

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