Digging, Planting, Cementing and Playing!!

Today was our third day at the SHCC community that was such a hard day for us because we had a lot of job to complete in this week. Even it was rain and hot sun but we still worked without stopping. How hard work we are?

In the morning we had breakfast in the same time and took the tuk tuk to the community. When we arrived there we separated into two group one group worked in the community to dig the dirt in order to plant the mango and coconut trees, the other lay out the dirt to make the football field for the kids and the other work around the house to decorate and clean the houses with the local students that was such a great experiences for us with the local people here.



The other group went to the work site to fill up the big pond by digging the dirt to fill it, mixing the cement, tying the frame building. It such a hard work for us because in the morning is extremely hot and in the evening it was a bit cool, because it was rain a bit. For this vocational building we need to finish the foundation. Even we have only four day a week for this community. But we do think that we have already changed these local people mid set. And we have got back the great experiences and knowledge back home/. In the evening we head back from work we played basketball, football, painting and do something else.
That was such a great fun that we play with them. Almost a week, some of us become the bandage collector.





Tonight we have bit to do, so we had dinner at 6: 00 pm. That was so delicious food.
Eyyy Yaa! Tomorrow is the day that we have waiting for almost two weeks. Let see what does the temple look like?
See you tomorrow.






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