Both groups are finally finished with their hard work! They have accomplished so much in the last week, and gave themselves some well deserved pats on the back. Domdin’s group completely finished their teacher’s work room project today and my (Tara’s) group completed the floors and the frame of the classrooms.

Tara’s updates:

We started off the morning with a donation assembly. We set up tables and the kids came up to the table once by one to pick something they wanted. The girls brought a bunch of clothes, soccer jerseys, little toys and trinkets and soccer balls. All the kids were adorable coming up to the table, and you could tell how grateful they were for the donation. Handing them out was a very special moment for the volunteers because they really made the kids happy. They were so excited about their new things that they all went to put them on over the clothes they were already wearing and show us. What a great way to start the morning on our last day, right? DSC06445DSC06447DSC06459DSC06460

Once the building commenced, they all jumped right into it. Today we helped complete the bamboo stick collection to make the railings and the roof. I can’t believe how hard these guys worked this week! They did the entire floor and the frame. That’s a ton! DSC06462DSC06463DSC06474

This afternoon we spent playing card games together and sharing stories. Once the kids were finished with their afternoon lesson, we played a really fun game with them that involved a stick in the middle of two groups and someone calling out a number each time. Once your number was called, both teams would run into the middle and try to get the stick and bring it back to their own side. It was a friendly game of girls vs. boys, and my ladies pulled through and won! DSC06469

Next, we danced to the Macarena and learned a traditional Khmer dance. We weren’t the best at it, but it was fun!  We then had a beautiful dinner that the principle, Sompara, arranged for us. It was a curry, bread and special treat of coca cola for everyone. All the kids ate with us too. After a thank you speech, we had to say goodbye to the school. It was sad to say goodbye, but they were also very happy leaving knowing what they had accomplished. 🙂


Domdin’s Updates:

Sue Sdey Sue Sdey (hello hello)!

It was an amazing day today. After we had breakfast at the guesthouse and took tuk tuk to the village, everyone were worked really hard to finish the new teacher room. We had different groups of people, the first group was doing nails on the walls. The second group was mixing cement with to make tiles for floor and the last group doing roof. They were working very hard with their works even some of them never done these job before. They were really happy with their works. After they did their so well, we swopped the groups. When we finished at 11 am and we had a break for lunch. We helped with cooking some played “uno”. We had such as a good lunch today. During lunch time, Luke had a good game with eating chili salt. Will was the first person to do this but he threw out. This game was continued, Domidn was the second person with this game but he didn’t threw out and he also said it was good. After that Sophean was the third person and he also didn’t threw but he said it is very spicy. The last person was Luke who came up with this idea but finally he threw out also.

When we finished lunch break, every bodies went back to their works with swopping around groups. They continued to mix cement, nailing, roofing and tile for the floor. It was very hot today but everyone happy with their works. After two and half hours we finished with every things. WE GOT IT!

Photo time and the happiest day in this two weeks. Everyone, start to clean up pieces of woods and moved all woods that we left over to the back and clean up in the front of the building. We put our hand print and name on the wall which is the good memories for all students and teachers remember us all the times. We took lots of photos with our great achievement. After lots of photos with the building,

We had a big speakers with lovely music (English and Khmer song) for dancing. Some of us played football with students, dancing with students and some spoke to students and practice English with the kids. It was a really funny day and lots of dancing with the kids in school.

After that, we got all the kids and our volunteers stand on different line. The principle of the school had to speak and thanks to all our volunteers that they spent lots of times came to help the community. He was so proud of us and really appreciated to us. Teachers had a little presents for all our volunteers. They gave our volunteers with a lovely drawing picture and scarf. When we finished with this we had dinner together. It was a good with Khmer noodle. It was yummy!

Thank you very much for your kindness following reading my blog!

Have a good weekend!10949781_858377684222347_1668045620_n 10934581_858377754222340_1072815801_n 10904901_858377794222336_1290072358_n

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