Early birds

Hola Amigos,

It’s almost time, and we cannot wait to meet each and every single one of you! We had some early arrivals today! After our early birds arrived, we walked around local day markets and tried some delicious Cambodian cuisine. Kalisha and Elyse, had their first taste of Cambodian food, and they thought it was phenomenal! So get ready everyone for some stellar food, and awesome people from all over the world!


Kalisha, Elyse, Matt, and Javi enjoying dinner.

Local Markets

An update on the project we will be working on; this is the location where Reach Out Volunteers will be building a kindergarten classroom. They will have the opportunity to impact so many student’s lives, by providing them with a space to learn.  We are excited to embark on this journey, and we cannot wait for everyone to get here tomorrow!

Location for new classroom.

With kindest regards,

Javi 🙂