Expert brick layers

Hi everybody 🙂

Today was a very long day. We had two jobs- mix concrete and lay a lot of bricks. We had to get all four walls up today. I’m proud to say we finished with extra time left over to do some teaching this afternoon. We broke the day up with some dancing, a delicious lunch, and of course some hammock breaks 🙂 A few of the kids surprised us with drawings which made everyone happy and the hard work a bit more manageable. To celebrate being about 90% done with a project we started just two days ago, we bought ourselves some delicious banana pancakes with chocolate syrup once we got back to the city. Tonight is the ladyboy show and everyone is very excited!! We may or may not end up shopping in the markets again– more likely than not haha!



Volunteers shown above: Anna and Elaine.



Volunteers shown above: Renee, Anna, and Elaine. (And Shaggy)


Volunteers shown above: Anna, Elaine, Renee, and Mary.


Volunteers shown above: Elaine, Renee, Mary, and Anna.


Volunteers shown above: Renee and Elaine.


Volunteers shown above: Anna.


Volunteers shown above: Mary.


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