Today was faaaaabulous. First day on the project site and everyone worked so hard! We had breakfast and orientation at 6:30am and everyone was on time (no birds nest needed). We went to visit some of ROV’s previous project sites, and all the volunteers got to see the classrooms and bathrooms and houses that had been built by volunteers before them. After that we hopped on a super cool wooden cart that drove us down the road to our first project site, which was nothing more than barren land when we got our hot little hands on it. (Literally hot because we were all sweating so much). We split into groups and got straight to work. AND LET ME TELL YOU, did we ever werk werk werk. These 18 girls absolutely nailed every single task they were given, from shoveling sand, digging a foundation, measuring and cutting, filling holes, sanding wood and carrying endless wheelbarrows full of dirt; and all in the toughest heat I’ve ever felt. I am honestly so proud to be part of this amazing group, and I can’t wait to see all the other amazing things we can accomplish together!


start truck(Above: me diligently holding onto our first aid kit/purse as we cruise through the village in our sick ride) After slaying it in the morning we went and had a delicious lunch then rested in the shade for a bit. With full tummys we went back to the project site and crushed it for the rest of the afternoon! We got to play with the little puppies and kiddos in the village before heading over to a local community school and meeting all the students there! The volunteers were super excited to giggle and play and run around with all the kids after a day of hard teaching the students how to play duck duck goose). After spending the day working and sweating in the village were excited to shower all of our stink off and relax by the pool before dinner. At dinner everyone really enjoyed some traditional coconut Amok, and we played a game of headbands (AKA lick a piece of paper and slap in on your forehead) while we were eating. Of course there was atleast one Donald Trump and one Channing Tatum, and Joe Biden made an appearance as well. After food we hippity hopped on over to the night markets and purchased some new swag to wear around town. We sampled the icecream, ate some froyo, got massages and paid WAY too much for paintings (Erica). Shopping wrapped up a long and exciting day and everyone was ready for bedy!