Blog Jan 10!

Today was fabulous!

We finished sanding all the wood, chiseling all the logs and sawing all the beams! We assembled the framework in the morning and right before lunch we PUT IT ALL UP!!!

It looked absolutely amazing and the entire group worked so well as a team to lift the framework and set it on the foundation together.

Lunch was delicious, eggs galore! There was so many vegetables we could barely even finish them all. Yum yum yum. We played uno, slaps, cheat and black queen until it was time to head back to the worksite.

On our way we stopped for some delicious iced coffees and chilled sugar cane from a local vendor!

Back at the project site we got to climb all over the foundation and framework to finish putting in the last few nails and beams. A highlight of the afternoon for many people was when we got to sit down and talk with the family of 5 that the house was being built for, while the community leader translated for us.

After work we went back to the hotel, showered, and had a Khmer language lesson! We are now 100% fluent in Khmer.

Dinner was fabulous, and everyone is off to an early bedtime before Angkor Wat tomorrow!