Finishing the House!

We completed the house today yahooooo!!!! What an accomplishment. We nailed up the last bit of thatch siding for the house, and finished the garden lattice. It’s hard to believe this group of people completed this building project in under a week, incredible!

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By mid day, we finished up most of the work, so we all walked over to the second building site to check out the work being done on the community centre by the other ROV group. It was coming along beautifully! Sophean then took us for a short walk through the village. We stopped by one of the rice paddies and had the chance to plant a few sprouts ourselves. After that, we visited a local rice wine maker who graciously let us sample his product. It was definitely stronger than most of us were expecting, but a neat experience all the same! Later, we played a ninja game and took some pretty awesome group shots!!

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By the time the afternoon rolled around, it was time for us to head back to the house to present the family with gifts the volunteers had purchased, as well as take part in a Buddhist blessing ceremony. We ate dinner with them as they tied red string around our wrists to symbolize luck and health. This was a cultural experience none of us have taken part in before, and it was absolutely incredible. Before we left the school and the village for good, Sophean had all the students line up and say thank you to the volunteers. They handed us unique scarves as each of us got the chance to step forward and say our thank you’s. It was so beautiful and there were definitely a few tears shed, but we are all so happy we got to be apart of this incredible experience with such kind, welcoming people.

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Cheers BFOK! We will miss you!

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